The Author


Emily Butzner

I am a proud graduate of Penn State University where I majored in journalism. I was born and raised in the suburbs of Baltimore, Maryland and I couldn’t imagine calling any other place home. I feel happiest when surrounded by those I love most. I am a creative person by nature and I find the most inspiration when listening to music, travelling to new places and attending weddings. I am also a big fan of Penn State football! We Are…

I found my passion for writing at a very young age and have spent a lot of time discovering the kind of writer I want to be. My background has taught me to be a very research driven reporter, but I have found so much satisfaction in writing from personal experience. I love having the ability to create a story from my own life or my own imagination. About a year ago, I started writing my first novel and I am excited to finish in the near future.

So, how did I end up starting a blog affiliated with mortgage and real estate? Well, in my spare time, I have a full time job as the Social Media & Marketing Specialist at Absolute Home Mortgage in Timonium, Maryland. My job is to promote our local business and find a niche with first time home buyers. As a young adult in my twenties, I have a lot to learn about the home buying process. My age, my interest in owning a home and my passion for writing make me very uniquely qualified to be taking this journey with all those young adults asking themselves this question; “Am I ready to buy my first home?”

Luckily, I work in an industry where mortgage and financial professionals and realtors are at my fingertips. I look forward to interviewing them in order to educate my readers on the questions, and the fears, associated with owning a home. But, besides that, I also hope to entertain, highlight local businesses in nearby neighborhoods and share interior design trends throughout my blog as well. Above all, I just hope to give young adults the confidence in knowing that owning a home is absolutely possible and more attainable than they may think.

In the near future, I plan to start my own home-buying process and  look forward to sharing my journey with you!

Feel free to contact me to share your stories, suggestions or questions at .